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Your business needs the right person for the job

You want a team that will love your business like you do and work hard to make it succeed. But finding the right people seems impossible.


Managing people who aren’t the right fit is draining and turnover is costing your business.


Let’s find you employees that will raise your business up, not hold it back. 

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Sometimes, finding the right person for the job seems impossible

As a small business owner, you need the right people on your team for your business to be successful. But sometimes its hard to know in a 30-minute interview if someone is the right fit. How can you be sure they have the best interests of your business in mind? How can you really know they have the skills necessarily for the job? 


After more than a decade in management and recruiting, I’ve learned how to look past the surface of a resume and an interview and see a person for their skills and potential. I can decipher what would make that person a valuable member of a businesses’s team and what might hold them back. I am here to understand your company culture, and the needs of your business, so that I can find just the right candidates for your team. 


I also work with individuals to uncover their skills and match them with the right careers. This means that before you begin working with me, I already have a roster of skilled and screened potential candidates standing by. 


Hiring the wrong person is costly for your business. It also has the potential to affect the rest of your employees. Recruiting is time consuming, taking you away from what you really started a business for in the process. 

Let me take this on for you so you can concentrate on running your business.

What I offer ...

Help with Staffing


I will work to find employees who have the right skills and are a good cultural fit for your business.

Human resources for small businesses

Human Resources

I'll help make sure you are creating a sustainable and effective plan to retaining and rewarding good employees.

Do not risk hiring the wrong employee. Let me help you find just the right person so that your business will succeed and prosper. 

My Small Business Services

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  • As your staffing specialist, I will meet with you to find out as much as I can about your business. I want to ensure I understand the operations, short term goals, long term goals, current challenges, and how optimizing the staffing needs of your business can help to improve your overall businesses health.

  • We will discuss what your current and future staffing projections may look like so that I can begin to build a pipeline of candidates for your business. That way, when the time comes for you to hire, I will have qualified and motivated candidates ready to join your team.

  • I will provide on-boarding coordination, such as drug screening, background checks, license verification, etc.


Human Resources

  • Job description creation

  • Employee performance management toolkit and consulting including: Routine employee performance / review guide, employee management consultations and documentation assistance, overview and assistance with employment laws and rights

  • Human Resource consultation services and resources