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About Polished Professional Services

Employees and businesses both flourish when they are the right fit for each other

There are two sides to any hire.


For job seekers, looking for a job is overwhelming. For small businesses, finding the right employee is difficult.


I take the obstacles out of the equation so businesses can identify the perfect fit for their open positions and job seekers can find something that fuels them.


I believe that a good match brings the best out of both an employee and a business. 


Which side of the equation are you? Click below to find out how I can help.

Career Development in CDA IDaho


To guide people to careers that bring them happiness and fulfillment so that they can live out their life’s purpose, while setting the business up for success, productivity, and a joyful culture. 

More about me

Hello! My name is Kayla Gant, and I am the founder of Polished Professional Services.


My passion is to help match people with a career they can thrive in and  find purpose in their work. Our work is an immense part of our lives, and if we do what we love, it gives our life a deeper sense of meaning and happiness. Every single person has unique skills to offer, and my dream is to help you find your potential and live out your purpose in your work.


I also understand that small businesses need the right people on their teams for the success of the company. One bad hire can have rippling effects for years. I am here to understand your company culture and the needs of your business so that I can find the right candidates for your team. Do not risk hiring the wrong employee. Let me help you find just the right person so that your business will succeed and prosper. 


For the last 16 years, I have worked in the healthcare industry in a variety of different roles, ranging from management to recruiting. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management. It is with my professional background, education, and passion for purposeful work, that I crafted my business and look forward to serving my clients.

When I am not working, I am chasing around my two small children, Ellie and Calvin, with my husband, Nick. We also have a Boston Terrier named Tuxedo, and a kitty named, Earth. We live in Post Falls, Idaho. After living in Seattle for about 10 years, we love and appreciate the beauty and simplicity that North Idaho has to offer. Our family enjoys golfing (okay, that is mostly my husband), exploring the local cuisine, dance parties in the kitchen, and just playing in our backyard together.


Ready to dive in? 

Kayla Gant, owner of Polished Professional Services